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Susan R. Germanson is both a Spanish teacher and an athletics coach.  She studied Physical Education and Health Education at the University of Wisconsin/La Crosse. She furthered her studies in Spanish and International Relations at the University of Minnesota.  She has traveled extensively through Central America, South America and Europe.  Her passions include languages, learning about different cultures, and all sports and outdoor activities.  She currently resides in Minnesota with her daughter, Ana Maria. Susan is available as a motivational speaker, she also does interpretive dance about many themes.  However her specialty is that of performing pain followed by healing. She is very committed to the cause of empowering people to heal.  She encourages people to not  self-abuse after tragedy, but to continue their healing through positive choices.  With respect to moving from pain to healing, Susan believes in turning situations around.  For instance, being a "survivor" of pain/tragedy/domestic violence is great!  But she challenges us to take it one step farther and become "PREVAILORS." Therefore turning your situation around to the offensive instead of just taking defensive action.

Sue and Ana Maria

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