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"A dynamic, passionate and knowledgeable speaker"

"Her enthusiasm and passion to make a positive difference is contagious."

A recommendation - Susan M. Lehrer

I speak around the nation with respect to my two books.   I choose to offer my speaking/dancing services free for most Non-Profit organizations. (Especially Domestic Violence, women's issues, churches, and Christian sports organizations) Video tapes are available.

  • Keynote speaking: My strength is motivating people to action.  I help people to realize that they have control of their attitude and actions. I have a lot of energy when I speak and I am able to captivate an audience by encouraging them to be active participants.
    • Ouch! - My main goal is to empower people to not only survive their particular tragedy, but to prevail!  Being a survivor is a good start, but our ultimate goal is to be a "prevailor". There is incredible strength in turning a situation around. I encourage people to take a sincere look inside and to move forward with their lives.
    • Ultimate Athlete – I can speak on a variety of topics, and will tailor-make my speech for each individual organization.

  • Interpretive Dance:  I perform dances that are tailor made around my presentation.
    • Bette Midler's "The Rose". Before I dance, I talk about how life is like a rose. It is as beautiful as the color, shape, and aroma of the petals. It also can be as painful as the thorns.  However, it is our choice as to how we describe the rose/life. I encourage people to acknowledge the pain/thorns, but to focus on the beauty/petals.  "The Rose" encourages people to acknowledge the pain, but to focus on healing and to turn their lives around. 
    • "Run" -  It is about a woman who is on the verge of getting out of her abusive relationship. She musters up the guts to do it. It shows her leaving the relationship with lots of confusion and fear...However she gains her self-confidence, gets out of the relationship, and becomes victorious!
    • Celion Dion's rendition of  "God Bless America". To help our nation heal.
    • I have other dances prepared for various presentations.

For engagements out of Minnesota, I do ask that my travel costs be covered. I am more than willing to stay at someone's house, instead of a hotel, to save money.

Susan Germanson
3753 46th Ave S #2
Saint Petersburg, FL 33711-4400
Phone: 727.242.0602

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